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Providing contract fulfillment and winning new contracts are two of the biggest challenges in the jan/san industry. However, you could solve both problems by enhancing your quality control program. Keep scrolling to see how our software helps janitorial teams overcome these obstacles.

Make Data-driven Decisions with CleanTelligent Software

Cleaning inspections are important to your quality control program because they emphasize your team’s cleaning standards. Our building management software allows you to customize inspection forms to meet the needs of each of your clients. Add notes and photos, and let the system automatically create work orders from deficient inspection scores.

Customizable Inspections

Automated Work Orders 

Business Intelligence

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We know that COVID-19 changed the way that we do things, especially in the jan/san industry. As cleanliness is at the top of every patron's mind, we are offering a 25 percent rebate on our 10-User Starter Package. This will help you save money and protect your community!

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If your janitorial service’s work order management system is sprinkled through your email, various sticky notes, and random text messages—you are working too hard. Instead, use our software to collect and store every work order request. The streamlined communication will help your employees and clients know what your team will work on next.

The cycle of flagging and fixing one-off cleaning errors may keep building patrons happy, but it inflates your labor costs. Instead, our Business Intelligence (BI) software summarizes your inspection and work order data so that you can easily see, research, and fix recurring cleaning errors. Which makes an impressive case study for your customers.

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