Improve Processes to
Fight COVID-19

The pandemic has shown us just how much is outside of our control—which is scary. However, your janitorial quality control processes are 100% in your control.




Simplifying janitorial management since 2003.

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Simplify your team's workflow:
If there are too many steps or the process is too complicated, employees will only deliver the "easier" parts of the process.
Increase efficiency:
As your team automates tasks, your cleaners will have the information they need to complete each task—without wasting time.
Explain the outcomes of cleaning:
Building patrons and new hires must understand how each cleaning process impacts the community's health.

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Take Control of Your Cleaning Operation

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Simplifying janitorial management since 2003.


Work Orders

Job Scheduling

Collect and prioritize service requests from, inspection results, preventative maintenance schedules, clients, and building patrons.
Use digital inspection to easily communicate your cleaning standards to employees, customers, and stakeholders.
Create a digital schedule so that periodic cleanings and preventative maintenance doesn't sneak up on your team.
If you are trying to improve quality control, decrease operational costs, or showcase your team's hard work—you must establish the right process.
Track inspection and work order trends to catch recurring service errors and fix them permanently. Re-invest the time into other cleaning tasks.
Make reporting a cleaning issue easy with location-specific QR codes and surveys. It will help your building patrons feel safe in an uncertain time.

Mobile Surveys

Business Intelligence

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Own your janitorial processes and
you control the results—even in a pandemic.

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