Successful Goal Setting For Your Janitorial Businesses

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Honest Performance Evaluation

A Pattern of Successive Goals

Intermittent Course Correction

Every year, the average janitorial company loses 25% of its customers.

If your team only sells enough to cover the lost business, your company will remain the same size. 

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Use The E-Book As A Guide And Write Your Own Action Plan

If you are not forthright about where you are starting and where you want to be, it will be hard to create a successful plan.
Evaluate the success and health of the overall company to determine individual  department goal adjustments.
Illustrate your team's path to success by establishing a pattern of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.


The e-book content shows you how to create a pattern of goal setting and achievement for your sales team, apply the process in every department, and see performance blossom.


Use the sheet at the end of the e-book to write out and share your department's quarterly goals. It also gives you the opportunity to delegate specific tasks and assignments.

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The key to growth is understanding how to adjust sales goals throughout the year based on client retention rates.

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